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One city against the COVID-19 pandemic

Let’s get back to the "old normal". Safe Davao QR aims to manage the spread of COVID-19 to keep our citizens safe and healthy.

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What is SafeDavaoQR?

SafeDavaoQR is a digital COVID-19 management system that promotes a centralized and efficient implementation of contact tracing and vaccination rollout, helping the government and healthcare organizations in their efforts to manage the pandemic and stop the spread so that every individual is safe and healthy.

Contact Tracing

Protecting the population through efficient contact tracing

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Individuals and establishments are provided a record of entry and exit logs.

In the event of a possible exposure and infection, individuals will be notified through SMS so they may do the necessary safety precautions such as isolation and swab testing.

By being alerted early, the users can contact their general practitioner and, therefore, lower the risk of serious consequences.


Easily monitor COVID-19 tests and automated management of test results

Individuals may keep track of their scheduled swab tests including the verified results.

Users who tested positive will automatically have their DQR blocked to limit their travel and to encourage the observance of quarantine protocols.

Vacinnated Individual


Individuals can now pre-register for vaccination and schedule their own appointment provided that there is an available slot for the selected period.

Each user will be provided a “Vaccine Passport” indicating their status and vaccine history. This will serve as a credential for various functions such as travelling and other activities that you did prior to the pandemic.

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